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The Creative Collective

a writing and visual art community

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Our format is loose and our goals are simple: we aim above all to be a place for those of artistic inclination (written or visual) to come together and share comfortably amongst friends.

Here, one can find both support and friendly critique in an environment specifically designed to be fun and conducive to advancement and learning.

          - Constructive criticism only.
          - No ass kissing.
          - No compliment fishing.
          - No elitism.
          - Respect one another. If sharing/debating/responding to an opinion, please do so in a manner that is assertive, not intrusive or insulting.
          - Anything goes in terms of style, medium, topic, genre, etc.
          - “Off-topic” posts are allowed. Have a rant? A question? News? An opinion on a recent event? A CD or book review? Share it!
          - Put both large images and large posts behind a lj cut.
          - Keep all posts friends-only.

Violation of another member’s rights (see “info” section) is grounds for expulsion.

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