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Time to submit something of my own for you picking-apart pleasure!
I mentioned that I doodle. Well, voila!

This is by no means a finished product. In fact, this is only revision numero dos.
But it's something I really really need people to give me criticism for because I've been having trouble, namely with the man. I don't draw lots of men. Generally, I don't find them as interesting :P But my main problem with him is making him look older and non-prettyboyish. He's supposed to be 38 years old, she's 35: the way I had it the first time around it looked like she was totally robbing the cradle.

But anyway, for him I need rougher and older to happen. I'm okay with her, but if you see something I don't pleasepleaseplease say it.

I totally had to restrain myself from giving him a little scar on his jawline or something.

Okay, and IF I were to put his hand on her (that's been another dilemma, but I think I've decided that I like the idea of having his hand there), that's about how it would be—there on the right with the kind of deformed thingies that are placeholders for fingers at the moment. And then her hair would kind of be spilling out: a little over it, a little through the fingers, maybe some over her own arm, the rest on what you can see of her chest.

Speaking of chests, they will be clothed, btw. You just won't really be able to see much of it because, well, yeah.

I was told the previous drawing was hard to see. If you can't see this well enough on your monitor, I can adjust it and start scanning darker.

Also: the finished deal WILL have consistancy style-wise. I know they each look different right now, but there's still detailing and shading and all that to add to her, and simplifying and cleaning-up to do to him.

He's still in rough shape as it is anyway.

Please, really, tear me a new one. I honestly have no idea when it comes to drawing—and that is not fishing. I'm serious. I've just kinda putzed around and doodled and tried different things for years. Everything I do is the product of self-teaching and generally just learning things the hard way.

But I like doing it. And I would love input/help.

An aside (sort of): These are established characters in a writing project gavinvedder and I started up as a plain ol' RP when we were 11/12. Now we're attacking it more intellectually and fleshing it out. When we get around to putting it together, I can guarantee it will make a few appearances here. We're good, but three minds are better than two, and more than that...well, awesome.
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