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Hey everyone! It's been really slow completely dead around here for the past few weeks, so I'm going to just jump right in and share some photos with you! These were taken during the last week of April, while I was in Virginia between terms. Comments very welcome!! :) ♥

This is my Grandmother's house in Berryville, Virigina. It's the closest thing to home I have these days. I'm so in love with this house, the land it's on, everything.
Another shot, further down the driveway.
I love this lilac bush! Smells as pretty as it looks.
Through the branches
Through the branches
I like that you can see the steer through the lilacs. Seemed like good compisition to me. :P
Sun arise
Sun arise
I couldn't sleep, so I was taking oodles of photographs of the sunrise. I thought it was pretty neat how the light was catching in the curtains. Too bad you can't really see that in the photograph. :(
Sun arise
Sun arise
Another shot of the sunrise. I have about twenty more if you want to see them!! I just am fascinated by the sunrise, especially over the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Thanks, Lauren! :)
NP, Jake
^_^; You guys are so awesome for coming up with that!
haha...Mollie and I were bored...we had to do something. now we need a cool comic and that to post on our door next year =)
Yes! We need Jess to do that for us. She never did Mollie and me a Space Pirates! *shakes fist*
Oh my. well Jess (HALLA-AH) should get on that... =)
Oh god do I need to do us ALL as Space Pirates now?

I will, though. My poor pirate got the top part of her head torn off during my move back this spring X( AND I CAN'T FIND IT. SHE ONLY HAS HALF A HEAD.

Plus, you never told me you wanted to be Space Pirates!

But the prospect of doing 4 more Leiji Matsumoto-esque badass girlies makes my heart pitterpatter.

Well, we need to be drawn as Jake, Ham, Gravy and Hall. However you so chose to do that is fine by me, as it were. XP
I know I've already told you, but: your grandmother's house is amazing. And I'm not normally one for that style, either! (Is that colonial? I don't know!) And the land IS gorgeous, yes. I'd love to visit and then we could both go both go on photo-safaris.

In fact, we need to do photo safaris in St. Augustine. Can you imagine some of the shots?

I acutally really like how the light is coming in through the curtains in the first sunrise photo. Staying up all night or waking up for the sunrise is just like that: with the calm cozy darkness inside and the world waking outside, just before life yawns and stretches and gets up for the new day.

I'm not a photographer, but even though the second lilac-tree picture is really, really pretty, I think it's hard to tell exactly what you were focusing on. I love the light on the lilacs and through the leaves, but I think Ms. Moo Moo in the back there confuses things a little (not that you could help that she wanted to chew her cud right in that spot, or that perhaps she's a camera whore).

It was built in like 1907 or 1917 or something. I don't know what style it is, either. :P

Photo safaris are always fun. I've been meaning to do one here- and I've been here two years! I really should do it soon!

Oh, it was amazing. I couldn't sleep. I was talking to my friend who lives in Taiwan, and she's 12 hours ahead, so I never really get to talk to her on aim, it's usually email or lj comments, etc. So I was talking to her and realized the first bits of daylight were coming up. I went photo CRAZY. But, it was beautiful, so it's all good. ^_^

I wanted to focus on the tree, but still have the steer in the background. By the way, a steer is a MALE- remember, we talked about this. He's just been neutered. :P

Mkay. I will post some soon. :) I also have some cute penguin video!!
okay GEEZ. I didn't see horns so I figured there was no peepee!
lol, I don't think all male bovine have horns...But I'm not sure.
You're the cowwoman, not me! I just fetch the spotted milkjugs from the trash and bring back fuzzy little cows from Orlando for you to cuddle with.

I'm of the mentality that horns = penis. For whatever reason O.o

my favorite!
very nice :)
Thanks! ^_^
DANG! Freaking awesome! Your grandmother's house rocks. And the phots are gorgeous.
As I was just looking at these, I JUST realized all the shutters are off her house!!! LOL. They were getting painted. I had forgotten that...So it looks a little wonky without them. I'll have to take pictures again when they're back up. But yes, I ♥ that house. And thank you. ^_^;
The lighting on you window picture is spectacular. What kind of camera do you use? And what setting was it on? Getting a photograph to turn out like that is difficult as crap... I've tried many times and have never gotten one quite the way I wanted it. :P

Thanks! I have a Canon PowerShot S2 1S. I believe it was just on the automatic setting, no flash. :)